About HCCP

On January 6, 1949 six friends sharing a common interest in veteran automobiles, laid the foundation for The Historical Car Club of Pennsylvania. From their first resolution has grown, what is today, one of the oldest independent antique auto clubs in the U.S. and largest in the area.

HCCP Car Show Event

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Today the club is comprised of 14 officials and over 500 members from the Eastern United States. HCCP is family oriented and its members and board are dedicated to the ongoing enjoyment of antique, classic, and modified vehicles. Our members enjoy the activities and events that surround these automobiles.

Each year HCCP sponsors a wide range of events like Car Shows, Cruise Nights, an Annual Picnic, a Pancake Run and many more. In 2015, HCCP members enjoyed over 25 scheduled club events and some of the largest car shows in the area. Visit the calendar of events to see what special events are planned for the coming months.

Club Awards

Each year The Historical Car Club of Pennsylvania awards car owners for exceptional automobile showings in up to 25 vehicle classes. The club also recognizes members for their event participation and their overall continuance of the antique car hobby with such awards as the Crawford Award and the Founder's Award to name a few. View the club's past winners.

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Club Officers and Board of Directors

Since the establishment of the The Historical Car Club in 1949 the club has been governed by four officers and a Board of Directors. The officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Club Secretary, each serve a one year term. The Board of Directors consists of nine elected people who each serve 3 year terms.

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Founding Members & Past Presidents

The groundwork for The Historical Car Club of Pennsylvania was laid over 50 years ago by six men who shared a passion for cars.

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